Graduate Scholar Recipients

Nancy Anderson Curtis Suver
Anne-Marie Bourgeois Cindi Textor
Rook Campbell Jesse Wagner
Colin McGuire Jun Yue

Graduate Scholar Winners

Nancy Anderson
nancy-andersonNancy Anderson grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she earned her Bachelor of Journalism degree in 1990. After graduation, she moved to Long Island to work for Newsday, a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper, and New York Newsday, its New York City edition. She worked in various capacities as an editor at the paper for almost 15 years. She was a copy editor, a layout editor, an assigning editor on the national news desk, and a deputy metro editor in Queens. In 2000, she received a publisher’s award as Newsday’s editor of the year. In 2005, she and her husband moved back to the Midwest. He teaches journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and she is pursuing a Master of Arts in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education at UNL. Since being back in Nebraska, she has been examining youth sports culture, specifically girls’ volleyball. Her final project for her master’s degree is an ethnographic study of a high school team in Nebraska.

Anne-Marie Bourgeois
From Newfoundland, Anne-Marie Bourgeois earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), before moving to Tanzania to volunteer with Right To Play’s Congolese and Burundian-based ‘development through sport’ projects. Following development work, she went on to complete a Master of Arts, Development Studies at York University, Toronto. During her graduate studies, Anne-Marie maintained her interest in ‘development through sport’ and incorporated gender and cultural lenses to a qualitative examination of the relationship between sport, development and disability. Specifically, her work explores the effects of participating in sport on the everyday lives of a group of urban Ghanaian women and men and the gendered and contextual implications of such effects.

Rook Campbell

Rook Campbell is a PhD candidate in the Politics and International Relations Progam at the University of Southern California. She has three primary research interests: international security, global governance, and human rights. Looking at truth commissions and legal forums, her human rights research concentrates in areas of collective memory, truth, justice, and reconciliation. She is interested in challenging economic and social rights theorizing. Within the sub-discipline of international security, she wants to learn how local crime, deviance, and social control theories and practices inform questions of security in a global age. Her principle security research focuses on transnational criminal networks, namely money laundering. Primarily as a study of global governance, she is currently developing a systemic institutional and political economy analysis through an examination of global sport and elite athletic transnational labour.

Colin McGuire
Colin McGuire is a Ph.D. candidate in the Music Department at York University (Toronto), and his doctoral work is a conflation of his two greatest passions: music and martial arts. With an M.A. in digital composition and over 25 years experience in Asian self-defense systems, he is pursuing research positioned at the intersection of ethnomusicology, Asian studies, phenomenology, semiotics, and hoplology (the study of human combative behavior).

Colin currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and maintains an active musical practice as a producer and composer, while continuing to train in martial arts, gong and drum music, and Chinese lion dance. In 2007 he received instructor level status in Wing Chun kung fu and in 2008, his album Big Dirty Hifi reached the top 20 for electronic music on Canada’s !Earshot radio charts. Before entering York’s doctoral program, he earned a living teaching digital composition and music production there as contract faculty; in the future he intends to pursue an academic career as a professor.

Curtis Suver
Curtis Suver completed his masters degree in social psychology in 2009 at the University of Oregon. He was a collegiate runner in Cross Country and Track and Field from 2004-2009.

Cindi Textor
Cindi Textor is a graduate student in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, focusing on modern Japanese and Korean literature. Her interests lie especially in the period of Japanese colonial occupation of Korea (1910-1945), and the legacy that the colonial period, as well as Japan’s war of aggression in East Asia, has left in both countries.

Jesse Wagner
Jesse is currently a second year Master’s student in the Sociology Program at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. As an undergraduate at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, he double majored in Sociology and German. Jesse grew up playing soccer and continued to do so until a series of injuries forced him to stop playing as frequently. At this point he began following the professional game more closely and exploring the culture surrounding the sport, particularly in terms of spectator subcultures. His other interests include globalization, subcultures, quantitative and qualitative sociological methods, conflict, and social change. When not working on his thesis – an ethnographic exploration of local soccer supporters - Jesse enjoys riding his bike around Portland, watching soccer matches, and spending time outside with his wife, Lauren, and their dog.

Jun Yue
Jun Yue (Margaret) is a research student from the School of Languages and Linguistics, the University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney, Australia. She has a BA in English language from Beijing Foreign Studies University, China and an MA (coursework) in Chinese-English translation and interpreting from UNSW, Australia. She has interpreted for many international sports events as a press conference interpreter and a team interpreter. Her research interest is on sports interpreting and interpreting at press conferences.

Margaret is a sports lover and holds WTF black belt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo. She received the bronze medal in the first national Taekwondo club competition in 2006 in China and took part in many other Taekwondo competitions. Besides interpreting for sports games, she has also volunteered at many international sports events.